Is there a difference between a 34.5 and 35.25 on the ACT?

Hi all, I just got my ACT score back today, and I got a 35 composite again (35E 35M 34R 34S). Superscoring with my first ACT score would still give me a 35 composite (35E 35M 35R 34S), but it will be a 34.75 rounded up instead of a 34.5. This led me to think: is there a difference between the low-end vs. high-end of the same composite ACT score for college admissions? Do T20s look at composite or individual subsection scores?

Then think again, because you’re wrong.


Congrats on a great score.

As noted, schools do receive all components and easily see the rounding that happened. The ACT/SAT concordance also conveniently provides 4 SAT scores for (most) ACT whole number scores.

I’ve also asked this of two admissions officers and they both confirmed they were smart enough to know an X.5 and an (X+1).25 were different and treated them so.

I’m not clear on how asking a question is “wrong”.