Is there a difference in NY SUNY Schools?

I’m a high school senior having trouble deciding between SUNY Farmingdale, SUNY at Buffalo, and SUNY Stony Brook. I got accepted to all three schools for Computer Engineering. So is there any difference in the schools or programs? Or are they all the same because they are SUNY schools? Thanks in advance.

Based on aspects such as standardized scoring profiles, you will note substantial differences across the SUNYs:

The SUNY schools can be massively different. They aren’t all the same because they are SUNYs. There are differences in reputation (overall, and for your major), differences in campus feel, etc.

For example, you got into Stony Brook and into Buffalo - two of the strongest, large SUNYs. They have some strong programs in things like the sciences, engineering, computer science. Farmingdale is less known, and not ranked as well. Did Farmingdale offer you any $$$?

The difference is enormous. I would not even consider SUNY Farmingdale unless it’s free or close to it, and finances are a huge concern for you. The other two are entirely different, especially Stony Brook (in terms of academics) Farmingdale is mostly a commuter school, with limited academic offerings and very little in the way of a traditional campus experience.