Is there a difference?

<p>For taking introductory levels of science classes only? For example, if a person takes intro bio 1 and 2, intro chem 1 and 2, orgo 1 and 2, and intro physics 1 and 2; and no more science classes; if they have a 4.o in those, will that look good for a science GPA, or do they want more science courses?</p>

<p>Or will someone with a 3.7 with all the intro courses plus 8-10 extra science courses (ie for a bio or chem major) look better b/c he took harder courses?</p>

<p>First of all, upper level courses may not be harder than intro courses. So someone who has taken a significant amount of upper div science courses may or may not have a lower science GPA.</p>

<p>Secondly, you should be taking upper div bio courses anyway because that's what med schools recommend. But, no, someone with 10 upper level science courses and a 3.7 GPA would not be more impressive to me than someone with 3 upper level science courses and a 4.0 science GPA.</p>

<p>it is generally good to take a few upper division biology/biochem classes just to see if you will be able to handle them. Generally, people who do REALLY well in the lower division classes will do REALLY well in most upper div classes (because of study habits etc.)</p>