Is there a flowchart for STEM Path to MBA? if so, where is it?


The closest thing I can find is the course sequence outlined here:

In other words, students take an additional 1.5 hours a semester in GBA 171, GBA 172, GBA 271, GBA 272, etc until they finish undergrad - then they do the remaining material as full time MBA students in the fifth year.

@Nerdyparent what page should I be looking at?

@mom2collegekids bottom right on page 9 begins the GBA course descriptions.

There is more general program info here:

right…I saw that. I think the parent is wanting to see a flowchart that has each semester laid out.

My son does not have a flowchart, but STEM-MBA students take 8 1.5 credit courses (one each semester in years 1-4), and then during the summer after the junior year students take 3 online graduate courses, and then during the summer after the senior year, 3 more online courses. When reviewing the Year One plans for the MBA program, whether on campus or via the online program, there is a set of required classes that all MBA students take. I assume my son will take six of those, which are all available online, so then once he begins grad school, he is ready for Year Two courses.

Here is the link to the online MBA program showing the required courses:

I have a picture of the brochure my son got while on a visit Fall of 2013 that holds them however no way for me to post them for you all.

The Stem path to MBA is different from what the link says from Chesterton.

This is a only a couple yrs old and I think they are changing things as time goes. My son is in the program and there has not really been a set schedule. They tell them what to sign up for in the next semester As listed above they are business courses made for this program during the 4 yr. doing 1.5 credits per semester. Concentrating on different things each semester but always doing projects. Nov. of junior yr. you apply to grad school, interviews in Jan. and hopefully find out in March, (we are waiting now). Summer after junior yr. you take 3 grad classes online then do your reg. senior yr. then 3 more grad classes summer after grad. your undergrad. Then you do 1 yr. of grad classes to finish for your stem MBA. Total of 51 credits but this could possible change. The program has grown tremendously in last 3 yrs. Dr. Morgan is always willing to talk and explain anything.