Is there a job requiring college degree but requires very little focus on the work?

<p>I read this on an essay online:</p>

<p>"Some of the happiest people I know have dropped out only a short distance. They still live in the city and have jobs and pay rent, but they've done something more mentally difficult -- and mentally liberating -- than moving to some isolated farm. They have become permanently content with low-status, modest-paying jobs that they don't have to think about at home or even half the time when they're at work. Yes, these jobs are getting scarce, but they're still a thousand times more plentiful than the kind of job that miserable people cannot give up longing for -- where you make a living doing something so personally meaningful that you would do it for free."</p>

<p>Link to the full essay?</p>

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<p>search 'dropping out' it's the first one that comes up, named 'how to drop out' by Ran Prieur</p>

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<p>You're only kidding yourself. Jobs do require work. And sometimes if people stress bit about their jobs, they will think about it a bit when they go home...</p>