Is there a lot to do?

<p>Georgetown is one of my top choices (out of many), but if I get in, I still can't figure out if I can picture myself there or not. It has many things I like: Amazing location, academic prestige/quality, small size, beautiful campus, and it's not clear across the country from home (FL). The one thing I'm not quite sold on is whether there are a lot of student activities and things to do. And by that I mean things other than parties/drinking. </p>

<p>For example, in contrast, when I think of the University of Florida I picture a highly active student body -- many clubs/groups, plenty of activities (individual and school-sponsored), and just a generally lively vibe... basically to where it's like you don't ever have to leave campus and can always find something fun and new to do. That's one of the key things I want in the college I choose; I want there to be energy all around me, excitement, lots of things going on to the point where I can't do all of it even if I wanted to. Things like student organizations, club/intramural sports, school spirit, etc... the things that make college life a true college experience. There's no Greek life so that already rules out a lot of sub-groups and activities/events. </p>

<p>Does Georgetown have this? What's student life really like? I visited and toured the university over the summer, but to this day I still picture nothing but reading books/studying, basketball, and finding nothing to do other than in DC... aka dullness.</p>

<p>I think you have it backwards: the lack of Greek life doesn't "rules out a lot of sub-groups and activities/events" - it facilitates them and allows them to operate without the burdens of a highly stratified and segregated, party-centric caste system. Because Greeks play such a small role on Georgetown's campus, student social life revolves around all those things you mentioned: student organizations, club/intramural sports, charitable initiatives like DC Reads or the DC Schools Project, etc. Students are free to socialize based on shared interests without the ridiculous pressures that exist on Greek-dominated campuses.</p>

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If the impression Georgetown left upon you was one of "..nothing but reading books/studying, basketball, and finding nothing to do other than in DC... aka dullness", (especially when comparing UF in Gainesville with DC???) then this may not be the place for you. Sometimes as much as one would like to love a university/campus/city, perhaps the vibe is just not right. There were great universities I visited all along the East Coast (that after I toured, sat in on some classes, roamed around the cities) knew they were absolutely not the right fit for me. Sounds like this might be the case with you…</p>

<p>I, of course, can't speak for my entire campus, but on a regular basis I can't fit all the things I want to do in day. DC and Georgetown have vibrant cultural communities. I am particularly interested in art and music and have loved being at Georgetown. It's definitely a place where you are only board if you are boring. I guess my two questions would be, is there anything in particular you are looking for you are afraid Georgetown doesn't have? Investigate your interests, but I would never say that campus is "dead.'" The second thing is the University of Florida and Georgetown are very different schools. Size is a huge factor. Georgetown isn't a small school but compared to Florida you are looking at a big difference. A lot of this comes to preference. The vibe will be different. I prefer a closer knit community like Georgetown's but if you want to pack a football stadium this probably isn't the place for you. Fit is important. </p>

<p>I agree with dzleprechaun as well campus life is not hindered by the lack of Greek life, student organizations definitely step up and fill that role. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>