is there a mistake????

<p>Recently, I received this letter from Berkeley - it’s the “wait for us” letter that everyone has been eager about</p>


<p>Freshman decisions for fall 2008 will be announced on March 27!</p>

<p>We know you’re hearing from other University of California campuses, but before you give them your reply, please wait to hear from UC Berkeley: we’re worth the wait!</p>

<p>Berkeley decisions will be posted online via the student portal, myBerkeleyApplication, at: <a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>If you haven’t already done so, log in now to create your password so you’ll be all set to find out the admission decision as soon as it’s posted.</p>

<p>You will need your 7-digit UC applicant ID number (provided when you submitted your University of California application or sent to you after receipt of your paper form) and the email address you provided in the application.</p>

<p>Berkeley cannot provide application ID numbers. However, there are several ways for you to find your Application ID:</p>

<li>Your University of California (also known as PATHWAYS) receipt; if you submitted your application via the University of California website, you should have seen a screen displaying this information.</li>
<li>On the upper right-hand side of the UC aknowledgement letter you received in the mail</li>
<li>Contact the University of California Admissions Processing center (UCAP):
In California: 800-523-2048
Out of California: 925-808-2181
Deaf and Hearing Impaired Callers: TDD 925-521-9280
(All calls should ask for UC Admissions Processing)
Email: <a href=""></a></li>

<p>Good luck and go Bears!</p>

<p>** the problem is that I only applied to Berkeley (since I live in NY), so why does it say that you are hearing from other campuses? Is there a mistake or is this just an automatically generated email???**</p>

<p>Thanks for your help…</p>

<p>Just further proof that it's nothing but bulk mail, I'm in the same boat as you.</p>

<p>See the other thread with 500+ replies and coming up on 35000 views for answers to all your questions</p>

<p>no really I'd rather not.....:p</p>

<p>wow.... relax, it's just an email sent to a lot of students in which they automatically assumed that you applied to more than one UC.</p>