is there a place for lanning in cornell

<p>or nearby town?</p>

<p>what do you mean by lanning?</p>

<p>LAN = Local Area network</p>

<p>It's for have a bunch of computers connected so that they can play multiplayer</p>

<p>@itchyfeet Starcraft? HoN? Maple kkkkkkkk (your previous post said you were Korean Daehanminguk!!) There are many computer says no gaming when others are waiting to use computers. </p>

<p>if it's 2AM and it's mostly empty, go ahead</p>

<p>And here I thought it was a typo for Tanning!</p>

<p>lol i thought you meant tanning as well.</p>

<p>and yes, there are places for lanning. It used to depress me when I was studying for a prelim or writing a paper and there would be like 3 people next to me competing on each other (on separate computers).</p>

<p>People usually gather in the Clara Dickson's computer lab at night for playing games. Some also used RPCC when it's pretty empty, and some even went to the one in Willard Straight</p>