Is there a Scripps Parents private Facebook group?

Does anyone happen to know if a private Facebook page for Scripps or 5c parents exists? My daughter has committed to Scripps and I would love to connect with other parents. There is a public Scripps Families page but it seems to be more fundraising oriented. @aquapt maybe you might know Thanks!

If there is one, I have not found it in two years!

Then I think we should make one! :slight_smile:

Three years ago, I recommended this to the Office of Parent Engagement. They seemed receptive to the idea but nothing ever came of it. I’d recommend contacting them, maybe if enough people make this request they will do it. If not, yes, you can always do an “unofficial” one on your own. The nice thing about having the school involved is that they can confirm a person is a Scripps parent…on your own you can’t really do so.

It was asked about at a Boston area get together for new students a couple of months ago. (I went as a parent of a current student) The answer was the school does not have a Parents Group on FB but they will look into it. I think schools hesitate to set up these groups because they can easily turn into b*tch sessions. Just my guess.