Is there a way to get your essay rescored?

<p>I just found out that I got an 8 on the essay, which is way below my expectations and really messed up my score. I have taken numerous practice tests at different SAT prep institutions and scored 10+ consistently on the essays. Furthermore, I can assure you that my essay is nothing close to the "4" essay here: SAT</a> Essay - real responses to an SAT essay prompt.</p>

<p>I don't care about the money, as long as I have some chance of increasing my score. Please don't tell me I need to accept my score as it is... I am not gonna post my essay on here either because I don't see how that's gonna change anything (IDC about 50-100 dollars. I have spent way more than that on SAT prep). I just need to know how the rescoring system works. </p>