Is there an advantage?

Hey guys !
So I’m an international and I’m applying to some women’s schools like Agnes Scott, Bryn Mawr and Mount Holyoke.
I was wondering if someone could specifically tell me more about Mount Holyoke .From any current students there now :
What sort of students do you think they like or prefer more ? Do they have any particular qualities they like? What could one do to increase their chances of admissions there. I noticed that their ED and RD acceptance rates look the same so I don’t know if should apply early decision 2 there anymore. Thanks!

Just to update your info on ED vs. RD acceptance rates for the most recent admissions cycle: For Fall 2019 admission (high school class of 2019), MHC’s ED acceptance rate was 57.2% vs. RD = 36.0%. Prior to that they tended to be much closer. All stats available on their CDS.

Hey! I am also applying to Mount Holyoke for ed2 but I am so confused. I was also considering Bryn Mawr but it asks for SAT score and I don’t wanna report my score. I am considering other unis but my priority is women’s colleges. So best of luck to you too! It’s such a tough decision tbh!!!