Is there any chance for me with these scores?

I'm an international applicant (Indian), female, interested in the Liberal Arts. My SAT 1 scores are 780 WR, 710 CR and 650 M. I'm taking the Eng Lit and Chem sub SATs this Nov; expecting 650-750 on them.
I have strong high school grades- 97% with CGPA 10, in class X, 85% (but still in the top 10%) in class XI, and i have yet to take the 12th exams (expecting 90%+).
1.Commonwealth Essay Competition (international) runner up/bronze medal winner/commended/highly commended in 2008/2011/2007/2006.
2. School magazine editor.
3. Interviewer, script-writer and narrator for an official school documentary.
4. Have a huge amount of data from a 2 yr project (as part of a UK school exchange program) on a local lake, as a member of the Leadership club: Interviews, reports, articles, photos, poems, skits.
5. School cultural captain and House Captain (our house got 1st prize in EVERY competition that year).
6. Team member for a science project that won 1st prize at the national level science exhibition.
7. Contributed an article in an award winning local magazine.
8. Exhibited oil paintings and photographs twice in IIT Bombay's annual exhibition.
9. Have a blog where i put up my articles.
10. 60 hours of community work teaching.
11. Have sports prizes for inter-house athletics and throwball competitions. (1st prizes)
12. 1st prizes in one interschool and multiple within-school essay competitions.</p>

<p>My app essay and recos will be pretty good. I need financial aid >90%.
Is it worth applying?
Thank you for chancing me, and all the best :)</p>

<p>There is always a chance, and you can't get in unless you try:) However, I would have back up schools in mind; schools that you would be very happy attending if you don't get into Williams. There are many top students who won't get in, sadly.</p>

<p>Thanks for replying, and for the advice :)</p>