Is there any chance for me?


  • International Student
  • Egypt, Cairo
  • Public High School
  • Male, African, Egyptian

Intended Major(s)
Computer Engineering

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: I don’t know my GPAs Probably got like 80% in 10th Grade, and 72% in 11th Grade. Okay, I wasn’t studying at all due to addiction to playing and social media and I think I didn’t know what I want to do in life and I had no passion because I never tried or experienced fields so I can know, Here in Egypt we didn’t care at all about studying in High School because the Last Year as a Senior is what determines your future so we didn’t care about studying in 10,11th Grade, So basically I couldn’t get good grades because I didn’t know my purpose, I was lost, I didn’t know my passion yet, and I was depressed because I didn’t get the best education, I felt like I always didn’t understand things fully because I always ask like layer questions in order to understand something but teachers couldn’t silver the information to me as a kid, which made me see or find learning and education very hard especially at Math, But by chance, I used the internet to re learn on my own and read books to study Math from scratch and now I’m good at it, and what I really want now is to try to explain things I have a passion for that… to make videos to try to explain things.
    now I’m a Senior, But there’s a chance for me that I will rank first in my country in 12th Grade as a Senior. And that I will get the highest score as a senior

  • ACT/SAT Scores: Haven’t taken any, yet.

Unfortunately, I haven’t taken any APs because I wasn’t aware until I figured about studying abroad. it was too late, I started preparing and knowing about all of that as a Senior.


I haven’t done anything yet, In Egypt, we are just studying and that’s it, I wasn’t aware of Extracurriculars or all of that at all, but maybe there’s a very slight chance to engage or do a few things, I don’t have much time.

I haven’t applied yet
Cost Constraints / Budget
I can’t afford to study as an International student, So I look for financial aid, I have to get financial aid, otherwise, I’ll never be able to study.
It doesn’t have to be the greatest school, I just want to study Computer Engineering. I don’t know if there’s any school gonna accept me with financial aid, I just wanna know if I have any chance and time left to still be able to do something and maybe I’ll get in any school.

This is what I see when I look over your post.
The colleges in the US will see the same thing.

You want a full ride because you haven’t done anything?

I don’t know what you’ve heard about the US higher education system, but the colleges and universities have very limited funds for non-residents. The funds that they do have tend to target those students who have gone beyond the “norm”.
They expect:
High GPA’s
High SAT’s
High rigor
High involvement in the community over time.

You want a US college to fund you now because you “didn’t know your purpose”, you “didn’t get the best education” and you “didn’t understand things fully” and now everything has changed, correct?

Computer engineering is a very tough and competitive field. Every school only has so much room for students in that field of study.

The schools look for FIT and may not always take the “best” students but accept those students who have historically shown a record of EFFORT and community involvement during their high school years, as presented by their letters of recommendation by teachers, administrators, and work supervisors. How would you classify your performance?

I don’t know what to tell you other than knowing that your being an international student, requesting funding, gives you less than 1% chance of being admitted to any university.

Your chances are even lower because of your record of your HS performance, as reported by you, less than stellar.

Apply, but it sounds like there will be a lot of blank spaces in the app.

Plus, you need to grasp the idea that admission to a US college is not about what you want, it’s about what the colleges need, want, and fit their criteria.


I will be blunt. You have no compelling story and no chance at a US college, unless you can pay.

There will be colleges happy to take your money. I suggest you go to college in your country and do your very best to be an amazing student.