Is there any other class like Botany (guaranteed C- as long as you participate)

<p>Botany class gives you at least C- even if you fail everything as long as you participate in all labs, tests, homeworks. Are there other classes like this?</p>

<p>Aren't pretty much all classes C- or better if you participate and actually do the homework?</p>

<p>I have yet to encounter a class in which I could fail everything but still pass based on participation and homework.</p>



<p>Not on the engineering campus; i haven't encountered one anyway.</p>

<p>@ChunkyPastaSauce, I'm well aware, as that's my campus too :)</p>

<p>I was more making the point that if you are engaged and participating in class, and actually doing the homework (putting in the effort), you are pretty much well on your way to doing well in the class. But then again, if you have the work ethic to do that, why not put in the little extra work to do well in the class?</p>

<p>It was an over generalization on a shaky principle, I admit...</p>

<p>Protip: Don't be stupid</p>

<p>chasely: Oh I see what you are saying. I agree; if one does the homework (as well as understanding it) and one shows up for class then getting at least c- kinda follows.</p>

<p>lol really? do you not feel sad how much you're paying just to get C- ???</p>

<p>square: I've never got a c- from here lol. I was just trying to say that if you do the homework and go to class you're almost certainly going to get at least a C-.</p>

<p>i was talking about tentai; s/he sets the bar pretty low..</p>

<p>oh i see; my mistake</p>