is there any point in buying DH volume 2?

<p>do you really need the "toughest vocab of the SAT"? core vocab sounds enough</p>

<p>for those of you who's already taken the test, do you find lots of words from volume 2 on the test?</p>

<p>If anything, volume 2 is more essential than volume 1 (though both are very important). Although you don't encounter that many level 5 sentence completion questions on the SAT, you will most likely get most/all of the lower level sentence completions correct. The words used in the core vocabulary are more suited to those questions, and they are generally words that you are much more likely to already know; therefore, you won't be learning that many new words as you read through it.</p>

<p>On the contrary, volume 2 is full of difficult words that you likely did not know, and by learning those, you can significantly increase your chance at the harder sentence completions.</p>

<p>i heard princeton's hit parade is very good too</p>

<p>You don't need it, but it is certainly helpful.</p>