Is there any point this situation of superscoring?

<p>Ok my friend took the act 3 times and he is in this limbo... look:
Sept: 26 32 23 27 (27 composite)
Oct: 24 32 23 27 (27 composite)
Dec: 27 32 19 27 (26 composite)
27 32 23 27 (27 composite still!!!)</p>

<p>Is there any point for him to superscore? Even if he superscores the only thing that went up was his english score... but he would still have he same composite. Or should he just send his september act?</p>

<p>Please answer, my friend is really bummed out about this, he is a senior and no matter how hard he tries he can't break this barrier. He has already gotten into some decent colleges, but he was really counting on his act to be higher...</p>


<p>Not really.... I would send the September one if I were your friend. </p>

<p>A 27 is really not that bad.. Is it Ivy League standard? maybe not but it'll do just fine for a lot schools. Also, if the rest of his app is quite strong then he really shouldn't have a problem...</p>