Is there any recourse for second D in tracking course-business?

<p>A friend got his second D in one of his tracking classes as a sophmore/junior in the business school. When he previously took the class he got a D and then retook it and got another D. It was an online business class with a prof that did not curve anything and most of the class was getting C's and below most of the time. Is there any recourse/petition for him or will he be dropped from the business college? Is there anything that he can do?</p>

<p>It would seem if he was a sophomore/junior, he will soon become off-track. I found this about that:</p>

<p>An off-track student will have a hold placed on his/her registration to ensure that the student meets with an adviser to discuss his/her progress. This allows the student to determine what is necessary to get back on track, or to change to a more appropriate major.
If a student is off-track for two consecutive terms, he/she must change to a major more appropriate to the student’s goals and performance. Once the student selects a new major, he or she should contact the college offering that major to schedule an appointment with an adviser to discuss changing the major.</p>

<p>It also says you need a 3.0 on all first attempts in Critical Tracking in Semester 4. </p>

<p>What class is so problematic for your friend?</p>

<p>Talk to his advisor</p>

<p>It is called Managerial accounting…</p>