Is there anybody who has taken AP Micro/macroeconomics?

<p>Hi, I'm planning to take AP Micro and Macroeconomics next year, but noone around seems to have taken it so I really have no idea on how hard it is. </p>

<p>First of all, would you recommend me to take both courses? I am planning to major in business but I still haven't decided on whether I should take both courses or choose between the two. </p>

<p>Finally, if any of you have ever taken AP micro/macro, how many months did you spend preparing for the exam? I really wanna start early studying these subjects because they are quite essential for my major.</p>

<p>I’m taking AP Micro right now and have the AP exam next week. The class isn’t that hard and its only a semester long course at my school. I know a lot of people on CC self-study Micro/macro and do well. You should be able to manage both micro/macro. Both classes are a little math based and involve simple graphs (nothing with numbers, just simple curves). I also recommend buying 5 steps to 5 or the princeton review.</p>

<p>Sorry for the late response… I didn’t realize this post was from over a month ago.</p>

<p>^Over 2 months ago, in fact!</p>

<p>Thank you for your reply, sr16xy! I know I posted this a few months ago but still I’m very glad that someone finally answered my question :)</p>