Is there anyone OVER 21 transferring to UCSC?

<p>I am 22... I took forever to transfer from a CC (150% changed my major from a vocational certificate to Biological Sciences.. which will be MCD once I get to UCSC... added another year to my transfer, instead of at 3 years I transferred at four years).
Is there anyone over 21 transferring?????? It seems as if there are ONLY freshman/highschool kids posting here...</p>

<p>There is a facebook group out there if you wanted to meet more people. And though I may be 18 I’m no kid…</p>

<p>on another note, I am curious on your 4 years of CC. Are you considered like a senior or something? Is it still Undergraduate?</p>

<p>You’ll fit in. I’m assuming you’ll probably be living in the Porter Transfer community…if so, you might be surprised how many people there are over the age of 21.</p>

<p>28, and getting younger every day! Nice to meet you.</p>

<p>Rdakker: hahah no offense at all! Its just when you get older and more mature, the more you want to hang out with people who can actually go places! I have plenty of friends who are younger than me-- the youngest being 16-- and they cannot do anything that I can do. Most of my friends are now 21+ and we do trips (Las Vegas, San Diego, etc) which you primarily do clubs, bars etc. Its not the only thing to do to have fun, it just sucks when you have to leave some friends behind</p>

<p>TheEdgeFan7: I will be there! I don’t really age discriminate, but it’ll be nice meeting people my own age!</p>

<p>I was Just wondering because most people who post on this site post their high school stats, and many of which do the striaght to four year route (I noticed) instead of community college route… which means, 17,18,19 year olds, vs 20+.</p>

<p>Rdakker: Oh, i forgot to mention, I am considered a junior. I was planning on getting a Fire Protection certificate, in which I stopped a lot of pre-requisites for science courses (I stopped at college alegbra, for example, and did not complete the usual-physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, biology) that would normally transfer me in as a junior. So, after two years of doing volunteer work with the fire department, going to an academy, basically almost becoming a firefighter, I decided to change my route and I found out that I could not transfer for fall 2010 because I basically stopped taking major pre-reqs (BIGGGGG disappointment). So, I had to start taking all the other pre-requisites. Unfortunately, due to bad advising, my physics class I took will not transfer for UCSC (for ALL other schools it would have transferred) because it was physics without calculus, so now i need to take physics with calculus, which adds more time. Sooo, junior status. I am very grateful I took the CC route instead of transferring right away. I know countless friends who have wasted so much money and time at a four year changing their majors completely. It wasn’t too ex*****ve, carparatively, for me at a community college and it has allowed me to mature A LOT (because I work 30 hours a week, volunteer, school full time), which I believe would’ve been my downfall if I had transferred. It just sucks that all my friends graduated with a BS/BA this past spring, and I only have my AS in general science. But whatever! Better late than never, I guess!</p>

<p>I’m 21 and I’m transferring in the fall!</p>

<p>I’m 22 and transferring this Fall, I transferred to a CSU after community college but went back to cc and reapplied to UC’s when I figured there would be more opportunities at a UC for a biochem major.</p>

<p>Technically, I’m transferring as a junior but I only have about 65 majors units to complete (all upper division) so hopefully I’ll be done in 4-5 quarters depending on when the classes I need are available.</p>

<p>smaolem: that sucks that you had already transferred!!! I thought CSU’s had more majors offered? Damn, good luck with all upper division all at the same time. THat’s going to be tough!</p>

<p>Yey! I am happy to see I am not the only one older than 21 hehe I was starting to feel old on this site!</p>

<p>What really sucks is I know someone who is starting their 6th year at my community college. He was about to transfer and the CSU who accepted him cut his program the summer before he was supposed to transfer in. So now he has to start over again and may stay in the same major or change it. Now thats very disappointing.</p>

<p>So what physics class are you taking? just curious, I’m in 5A. Astrophysics major here.</p>

<p>I have ALWAYS wanted to take planetary sciences courses because they seem SO interesting! Astrophysics seems like a very tough major…
I will not be taking a physics class this quarter because I finished my last calculus requirement this summer, so I couldn’t sign up for 6A. I will be taking it in the winter hopefully.</p>

<p>The physics and math adviser told me at orientation that physics classes run yearly. Meaning if you miss A the fall semester, you have to wait until next year’s fall class. at least this is true for the 5 series. idk about 6. i think there is still some spots left in 5A. you might want to call and make sure you can take it in the winter.</p>

<p>Well I hope that is not the case :confused: I will call. I hope it doesn’t mess anything up!</p>

<p>The catalog lists the quarters classes are offered. The Physics 5 series, for scientists and engineers, starts in the Fall. The Physics 6 series, for bio majors I think, starts in the Fall and Winter.</p>

<p>In spite of the catalog, I could swear Physics 6A was offered Spring last year as well. But true to the catalog, Physics 6B is not being offered this coming Fall. </p>

<p>As far as math prereqs go, all the calculus requirements are concurrent, so as long as you are ready to start the corresponding calculus class, you are good to go.</p>

<p>I talked to the physics advisor a while ago, Physics 6 series is offered all quarters. Thank goodness lol
Consider: Well I tried getting cleared by the biology advising for fall for my calculus class (I am transferring in, and was taking Math 191 (second part of calculus) this summer). I told them and discussed with them, but by the time orientation came around I tried to enrolled but I could not because they had not cleared me. So, I am taking genetics instead, and physics in the winter. Kind of disappointing when I was trying to enroll at orientation, but I genetics was my backup anyway.</p>

<p>Unless Physics 6A is a pre-req for something else, it seems link genetics is more applicable to biology anyway.</p>

<p>It seems kind of strange that you weren’t able to get into Physics 6A if you had finished the first part of calculus. You might want to keep an eye on those advisors, especially if you are asking a bio advisor for a pass on a physics class.</p>

<p>I am not the student at UCSC, I am a parent. But from what I understand, if you are looking for permission codes for classes, you go to an advisor for that area. So, if you are looking to get permission to get into a class based on an in-progress pre-req, you would talk to a physics advisor.</p>

<p>Can someone that really knows what they are talking about confirm?</p>

<p>Physics 6A ad 6B or 6C are both required for MCD Biology, and I think general biology. Which kind of sucks because I already took physics 2A/2B at my CC (Thats phys w/o calculus). Oh well I love physics anyway.
I believe the reason why you need to complete the calculus series is because the physics 6A +6B/6C series is calculus based, and you probably need to integrate (for things like hydrostatic pressure) which is covered in the second calculus course (at my CC anyway). So, instead of throwing a student into a class that they’re unprepared for, they make you finish the course. Perfectly understandable and I am not sweating it very much, although I would have liked to get it over with.
Now that I am signed up for my classes, if I sign up for the physics class nowI would have to enroll in the lab concurrently, which will put me at 20 units! For my first quarter at UCSC, I think I would die. So it worked out for the better I guess.</p>

<p>Also “So, if you are looking to get permission to get into a class based on an in-progress pre-req, you would talk to a physics advisor. Can someone that really knows what they are talking about confirm?”</p>

<p>I needed my math grade put in so I can have the pre-req for the course finished. Any advisor can do this, as all one needs to do is send them an unofficial transcript and they may place it on one’s UCSC transcript so one can be allowed to enroll. I believe to get a permission code you would need to be adding a class, right?</p>