Is there anyone that studied over 200 hours on the sat and should I do so?

I’m currently at 200, and stuck at 1450 I use khan academy, bought books, and have a tutor

I would call it a day.

Anyone else?

Your tutor should be able to look at the specifics of your scores and target areas you might be more likely to improve. DD’s tutor had her working on specific areas where she identified potential for growth and after she reached a certain point was told she likely wouldn’t improve.

Have you tried the ACT?

My science is bad

If you worked hard, studied over 200 hours, practiced for the exam using online resources, books, and a tutor and cannot find a specific area that can be worked on to improve then 1450 is probably “your score.” Seek out colleges that make sense for your academics.

The first day of Business School I learned two things–

1- a tree doesn’t grow to the sky
2-there is no such thing as a free lunch.

I could have skipped the MBA entirely since those two lessons have proven to be so valuable. For you- it’s number one- at some point, you need to realize that your scores are not going to keep going up, up, up no matter how much you study. IF- there are specific things that you habitually get wrong-- than fixing those gaps in your knowledge can be valuable (not for SAT’s, but for your actual education). And if you were in the 8th grade I’d tell you to ditch the prep and just read, read, read everything you can get your hands on.

But maybe you are done? And your tree has reached it’s maximum height???

@xuezhiqian the ACT does not test Scientific fact recall or make you do chem problems, etc; it tests your ability to read and decipher info. Try a practice test and see; you never know until you try.

I would try out the ACT. Those who have studied a lot for the SAT tend to get a higher score on the ACT! Like @Tigerwife92 said, the science portion only really tests your ability to read and understand basic graphs.