Is there anyone who can help me with my essays?

<p>Hello, I am a Korean girl and I decided to apply to Deerfield this year.
This is my second time applying,(I was waitlisted last year) and I really want to try my best and get accepted. However, I am very worried about my essays. I do not speak perfect English (my TOEFL score last year was 97, and I am going to take it again this year.). But I do not have an English tutor, nor I go to an English academy. So I really need somebody to read my essays over and give advice, corrections...etc.
Is ther anyone that can help me? I will really appreciate it. :)</p>

<p>I'm pretty time pressured right now and can't help you directly there, however some advice:</p>

<p>Even if presentation counts, the most important thing you need is substance to your essays, impressive substance. If your english is not very good and you think it is noticeable, use that to your advantage: try to write about your transition to american life, your previous life, etc. obviously you won't be able to paint a glowing picture (probably) if you've not grown up with english, however you can use that imperfection as the medium to express your ideas there - try even writing about the difference between outward appearances, what is said, and what really happens, relate that to your observations on coming into America compared to the gossip you (probably) heard in Korea. How metaphors can be terribly misconnected etc.</p>

<p>Sure, I will do the best I can.</p>