IS there anyone who haven't decided on which school to go to?

<p>^^^ and what schools are you deciding between?</p>

<p>For me:
Emory, vanderbilt, Berkeley.</p>

<p>My son is still working on it. In fact, he is at Indiana University at this very moment, checking it out. He will be a trumpet performance major and is deciding between University of North Texas, University of Northern Colorado, and Indiana University.</p>

<p>Me...Hopkins and Vanderbilt (engineering)</p>

<p>Oh, the title is "hasn't" .</p>

<p>ucd and ucsd</p>

<p>I think I'm the only one left at my school that hasn't decided.</p>

<p>Elon Honors Fellows program vs. Wake Forest...though I'm probably leaning toward Wake.</p>

<p>Me. I KNOW I'm the only person from my school that hasn't decided yet (literally every IB'er except me is headed for UNC). </p>

<p>Duke and Wake Forest.</p>

<p>D is stuck between Grinnell and Kenyon, her best friend is stuck on U of I, in state, Univ of MIchigan and Miami of Ohio</p>

<p>nvmd, kudos on the correction</p>

<p>Me, primarily deciding between Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and Oberlin for Vocal Performance. Help me pick here!</p>

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<p>northwestern and stanford and tufts. tufts goes on and off the list, but i'm pretty torn right now. i'll probably end up deciding on whatever mood swing i happen to be in the midst of at the time i have to send postcards in.</p>

<p>My D is deciding between USD and St. Louis's entry level PT doctrate program with Trinity University and Willamette as slight possibilities still and Pepperdine if they change their mind about money will be it(not holding our breath!) I think she is going to choose USD but we will see</p>

<p>Macalester vs. Carnegie Mellon
Two very different schools with two very different sets of advantages.
Making it even more difficult is the fact that CMU has a policy for matching the need estimatated by other colleges- so theoretically my costs would be exactly the same whichever school I chose. URGGH.</p>

Did CMU match every cent of need and/or merit from another college? We had the finaid re-evaluation due to merit aid, and got only a small increase, a fraction of what the others offered. I don't think they promise to match, only to re-evaluate. I'd check on the theoretical "matching" before you make a decision, because it might not be so!</p>

<p>Oh, son is still undecided also, due to financial considerations. He was between CMU vs. Case, or PSU Honors vs. Pitt Honors as of last week. He's been out of town this week, so hopefully when he arrives home tomorrow he will have an answer!</p>

<p>Well yes, for merit aid they aren't as inclined to better their deal. But for need-based aid, CMU has some sort of matching policy where you fax in your deal from another university. And all of mac's aid for me is need-based.</p>

<p>In CMU vs. Case... Case seems very much like CMU-Light... difficulty levels are similar, the same departments are strong, similar location, same hi-tech feel... It's just that Case is not as top-notch in anything as CMU (besides Biomedical). But when finances enter the picture, it could be a very tough choice, since I know how Case hands out loads of merit aid... Good luck to you with your choice.. and to me, hehe :)</p>

<p>trout - CMU guarantees NOTHING. Yes, they want you to fax in your other offers, and they will re-examine their award in comparison, but they are very blunt about nothing being promised. Some people do get larger awards, but a large number do not.</p>

<p>hmmm.. then the Fiske guide lies. :o</p>

<p>I do know my brother got an enormous sum by faxing in stuff... well I'll hope for the best.</p>

<p>im still deciding between yale and stanford but im leaning toward yale. i really need advice though cause im really confused and there is only a week left</p>

<p>Yale rocks! (I was rejected, along with everyone else from my school who applied there this year... so go there!)</p>

<p>I'm deciding between BU and Vanderbilt. I'll visit BU next week... leaving a generous 2 days after I get back to decide where to send a deposit! Currently leaning towards Vanderbilt.</p>