Is there anyway to appeal Spring Admit?


<p>I recently got accepted to USC(Marshall), but to my disapointment I was accepted spring admit into USC. Right now I'm deciding between USC or UCSD, but I'm leaning toward SD because of cost and the fact that I wouldn't miss out on that freshman fall experience. </p>

<p>Basically I'd like to appeal or see if I could get moved up to Fall - does anyone know any way to do that? I have a few new things to add to my appeal(since I know that just saying I want to come in Fall doesn't work). Basically is there any way to request or appeal a move up to Fall?</p>

<p>im pretty much in the exact same situation as you. i got into ucsd (revelle) and spring for usc (college of letters arts and science).</p>

<p>basically, its a chance thing. if u send in ur SIR, there is a chance that space opens up for the fall and they'll send you information saying you can start school in the fall. some people get it, some people don't. you cannot appeal ur spring decisions. acceptances cannot be appealed, only rejections.</p>

<p>What is the SIR? is that the reply card? I sent in my reply card, but do I need to send in my enrollment deposit first before I can be moved up to fall?</p>

<p>i think you do i'm not sure. and you'll know if u get moved up to fall after may 1st... and you'll ahve to send in ur deposit by then anyways</p>

<p>do I have to send in that SIR card? I already put in my deposit</p>

<p>If you have already made your deposit there is no need to send in the card.</p>

<p>I believe Spring admits have until June 1st to sumit their commitment deposits, but please double-check your admission materials.</p>

<p>"SIR" is an acronym used by the UC system meaning "Statement of Intent to Register." It seems that because many USC applicants are also UC applicants they tend to call USC's commitment deposit a "SIR" as well.</p>