Is there something that you don't stop talking about in school?

<p>For me, since June 2nd, I've been non stop discussing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (directed by David Fincher see it TOMORROW OMGIT'SGOINGTOBEANEXPERIENCEUSGIH). For the last few days I've been spacing out in class to try and make time go faster.</p>

<p>Fincher is my idol <3</p>

<p>I don't talk to a lot of people I go to school with. However, I do talk to my family a lot. Basically I've only talked about one thing since the beginning of this school year:
"OMG I'm graduating this year!!!"
"My graduation ceremony is on June 9."
"Have I mentioned that I'm a senior this year?"
"I can't wait until I get my robe! I've been waiting my entire life to get that AWESOME ROBE!!!!!!!! I wonder if I'll get an honor robe? That'd be so cool!"

<p>lol, I am very obsessed with graduating high school. I mention my "senior status" at every available opportunity. It's so awesome! I'm really looking forward to walking up and getting my diploma :D</p>

<p>^Make sure you don't trip when you walk up there.</p>

<p>I never brought it up before, but recently (for the past few months to the last year), I have been going on and on about DragonballZ. Going super saiyan, etc...</p>

<p>Well not me but my entire school is obsessed with Skyrim and this arrow to the knee reference.</p>

<p>A Clockwork Orange (book and movie) I just recently saw and read..</p>

<p>I can't stop talking about this being my year to apply to boarding school. All of my teachers and classmates hate when I bring it up since there is a huge chance that I am leaving.</p>

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<p>We just always talk about girls. Not specifically, but just in general. It's bad and borderline obsessive.</p>

<p>Females, and we get specific. Creepy? A smidge. Fun? Oh yeah.</p>