Is There Such Thing As A Writer's Degree?

<p>I REALLY want to be a writer when I finish high school and I want to go to college also. I haven't found a school I want or what degree to get. I was hoping I could find a degree in writing, but I haven't. Is there such thing? Please help me.</p>

<p>BA in creative writing or english-- I doubt you could <em>find</em> many schools that don't have one or the other.</p>

Do you happen to have any recommendations for me?</p>

<p>There are a few good threads if you search "creative writing" in "advanced search" and select "titles only" and "posts". I'll try...</p>

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<p>Thank you SO much.
It really means alot to me.</p>

<p>Your welcome... learning about this is my way of supporting my D's dream without doing so directly....she is officialy a "bio major".</p>

<p>English</a> Department - Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing</p>

<p>As LongPrime indicated, CMU has a very well-respected creative writing department. You are also likely to find them at a lot of LACs (not to say that many universities don't have excellent programs, but it is a good place to start). It really depends what else you are interested in & what you are looking for in a college-- large, small, east coast, west coast? If you give some more information, I can give you a better response.
You're welcome! : )</p>