is there the most reliable way to find an asymptote?

<p>well.its kinda a little trouble for me-determining a horyzontal asymptote :(</p>

<p>i have ti 89 and after entering a function i press F6-dot (i was told so,because it avoids mistakes)...but i cant see horyzontal asymptotes :(</p>


<p>i understood guys,dont bother :)</p>

<p>Limits are a good way, assuming you've learned them (Calculus).</p>

<p>Graph it. Why can't you see horizontal asymptotes?</p>

<p>horyzontal asymptotes are not easy to see ,not like vertical asymptotes :)</p>

<p>as i was informed :)</p>

<p>Do you have any sample problems? I think it could be explained fairly easily if the questions typically involve rational functions. </p>

<p>(I'm picturing a question like "find any horizontal asymptotes of (x+2) / (x^2+6)")</p>

<p>Put the function in which you want to find horizontal asymptote in calculator.</p>

<p>Now evaluate the function with some number, then with another number. f(x) will then approach some number as you increase x. So the horizontal asymptote is y= the number you found. Basically when x grows larger, then f(x) will reach a certain value.</p>

<p>This works because horizontal asymptotes occur when the limit of f(x) when x approaches infinity is some number. You may have or will learn this in Calculus.</p>