Is there time for a HS Junior to form an acceptable portfolio if they haven't started yet?

Is it too late for a junior in high school, who has never taken an art class, to consider applying to art school? We come from a family of artists and she has some natural talent. Is it possible to assemble an acceptable portfolio in one year? Any recommendations - like work with a private artist/tutor? Thank you for any suggestions - and/or reality checks.

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Not too late. There are lots of online courses available. I doubt she’d get turned down if she shows talent and has a decent academic record. But…reality check: What does she want to do with her art degree? What type of art is she interested in?
Two of my daughters studied art–one got accepted to an art school in Europe after putting together a portfolio in only a few months (so, yes, it is possible…) D already had a degree in Biology at that time. She’d taken only one art class in high school and one in college. She now teaches art part-time and tutors math to make ends meet–and has little time for painting! (Being married to another artist doesn’t help much, either.)
My other daughter is a senior art major at our state u. She has two other majors, one of which she plans to use to make a living. She paints as a hobby and does mostly pet portraits–which her older sister considers “tacky!”
Not to be discouraging, but unless you are already wealthy, it is good to have a back up plan if you are trying to make a living in the arts.

My son did a summer program through SAIC between his Junior and Senior years, and that 6 week program provided him with enough work to make a quality portfolio. It was last summer, so it was all virtual, but we were so happy with the results and how much he learned, I can’t say enough good things about it. He has applied to 11 schools, and has been accepted to 3 so far, 2 of which required the portfolio. We are waiting on the others. So yes, I think they can do it, even over the summer, with some focus, or the help of a summer pre college program.

Thank you. Great insight. I think she would go towards graphic design or possibly textile design - not so much the “fine” arts. My mother and mother in law are both great artists, and so she certainly understands the arts don’t always pay. Thank you.

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