Is this a bad schedule?

<p>I didn't get a lot of the classes I wanted because many teachers quit (got a new principal who really sucks). Therefore, I didn't get Spanish 3, Honors Spanish 4/AP, and Physics. Is this still a good schedule? I also had to fight to get AP Calculus because they gave me a Teacher's Assistant!</p>

<li>Marching Band</li>
<li>AP Calculus</li>
<li>Intermediate Dance (got to skip beginning dance)</li>

<h2>4. Creative Writing</h2>

<li>AP Lit</li>
<li>AP Government</li>
<li>Street Law</li>
<li>Graphic Design 1</li>

<p>That schedule isn't great by any stretch of the imagination.</p>

<p>Lol well I was SUPPOSED to have:
AP Cal AB, AP Cal BC, AP Lit, AP Gov't, Spanish 3, Hons/AP Spanish 4, Creative Writing, and Band</p>

<p>Does your schedule include all the 8 classes listed? Well if you're a senior there's nothing too wrong with that's good your still taking a decent amount of AP's. This is a bad schedule if you truly don't enjoy any of the classes listed on it. Whether it's good/bad is entirely subjective, but if you're asking whether or not it's impressive to colleges, it is decent. Also, out of curiosity, what is Street Law?</p>

<p>Well I'm not looking at IVY schools or anything, just schools such as GWU or American. And I'm not really sure exactly.. It was the only class that fit for 3rd hour. Either that or Business Foundations or Ceramics. Street Law is learning about the laws in our government and cop codes and lawyer stuff.</p>

<p>I'm in color guard.</p>

<p>^What's up with you and asking if people are mad?</p>

<p>No it's not bad. I'm also taking 3 APs if that helps. Too bad that your teachers lost their jobs.</p>

<p>I've never heard about street law... sounds like the survival guide for a nerd. LOL
<em>Wanders into the ghetto naively, gets robbed</em></p>

<p>Also how could have taken Calc AB and BC in the same year?! And how can you take Spanish 3 and AP spanish in the same year?? Isn't that redundant???</p>

<p>I have block schedule, which is why my second semester has different classes than my first. So typically the students take AP Cal AB one semester then AP Cal BC then next. Same with the Spanish classes. </p>

<p>And they didn't lose their jobs, they quit. That's how much they hated the new principal, no joke. He told all the high school seniors on their graduation day that it's not about them, it's about the faculty and the parents and he made the graduation go for 30 minutes. Only one person did their speech and that was it. He's awful!</p>

<p>It certainly does not appear to be the most rigorous courses possible, but, if you really tried to get into other/harder courses, then you did the best you could. Unless there actually is a chance to change it, I would simply make the most of it.</p>

<p>Where's you'r foreign language and Science?</p>

<p>I said: They took out my Spanish 3, Spanish 4, and Honors Physics. They only have 1 Spanish 3, which is 2nd hour and that's when I have AP Cal. So therefore, I cannot take Spanish 4.. My Honors Physics is only 2nd hour 2nd semester and that's when I have AP Government, which is only offered that hour. Yes my school really sucks.</p>

<p>Also since I have blocked schedule I have 5 science credits: Biology 1, Biology 2, Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and AP Biology</p>

<p>Man, your principle sounds like a A$% H@*#</p>

<p>Has your school board done anything?</p>

<p>Nope, he came in last year. The only reason why he's our principal now was because he needs to retire (he's here for 3 more years). Our principal when I was a sophomore got promoted to a high school in Illinois or something.</p>