Is this a bad school to go to?

<p>I applied for admission in the fall of 2012 under geography with a concentration in community and regional planning. I haven't really heard anyone talking good about this school, and I'm starting to feel regretful. If I go to this school will I have no chance into getting into a good grad school? Or even getting job after I graduate?</p>

<p>My son has applied to this school among others. He is applying to the honors college. I suspect you can achieve whatever you like at a school like this. There may be a lower percentage of highly motivated, high achieving students at this college as compared to some others however there will be many like minded students and ample opportunities. See this thread. The school she is discussing is Montana University.</p>

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<p>Thank you! Feels good to finally to hear someone tell me that if I'm not going to a UC I'll be doomed for life.</p>