Is this a bad topic to write about?

I was just wondering if working out is a bad topic to write about for an essay. I started working out in 9th grade (a junior now) and i’ve loved it ever since. I consider the gym as my second home and it was my main priority (i wish school was). I just feel like colleges would view this as an inconsequential topic and just disregard my application lol. Should i just write about music or something (which is probably my favorite thing)

If you can write something meaningful about the time you spend at the gym, I don’t see why it would be a bad topic! It definitely wouldn’t be too “inconsequential”, especially, if you connect it to wider themes. It would definitely be a refreshing change in topic for readers!

If you can relate working out to life/academic skills, I think it would be a wonderful topic. Like talk about how the gym taught you the consequences of hard work or dedication, something like that lol

^True, except do a little hard thinking before you write the essay. It’s easy to connect working out to work ethic and dedication, but that sounds very cliched as well. How has working out actually shaped you? What about working out is fun for you, and how does this relate to your interests, values, and goals?