Is this a competitive roster of AP exams?

I’m a current sophomore, will be taking World History this spring.

Next year I hope: APUSH, SPANISH (Lang)

Senior year: EUROHIST, SPANISH (Lit), Statistics

Competitive for what? Against whom?

@RichInPitt against students looking at moderately competitive schools. And obviously I’m stipulating that I’d do well enough to receive college credit.

Are you planning on majoring in Spanish? If not, rethink AP Spanish Lit. It is for diehards - heritage speakers and potential Spanish or comp lit majors. For anyone else, it’s like AP English Lit except on steroids and in Spanish and with more works to analyze.

Additionally, you might want to consider one of the AP English courses.

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As someone who is currently taking AP Spanish Lit, I fully agree with @skieurope. Unless you are a Native speaker (which I am), I would advise against taking the course because it is a ton of reading and analyzing works of Spanish literature from all eras of history (at least 20+ works of literature). But if you do want to major in that kind of field then I say it’s a great course to take. Spanish Language is like child’s play compared to Spanish Lit. and most people pass the exam with 4s and 5s because it’s mostly talking, writing short essays, listening, and reading small paragraphs.

Gracias for the warning about Spanish Lit! :slight_smile: I’m NOT a native speaker. Would only taking 1 Spanish AP be a strike against me? I hope to continue Spanish (non-major) in college if possible. I’m also in my school’s ASL Club, so another language I want to continue.


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No it shouldn’t strike against you but it would definitely help your transcript if you can find another AP course to fill that hole, especially one that would match with your intended major in college.

@Wong23 Thanks for reassuring me it’s not a big problem. I’m looking at Area/Ethnic Studies. Seems Human Geography is a fit.