Is this a doable self-study schedule?

<p>Hey guys!</p>

<p>So for next year, I was thinking of doing the following classes as self studies:
AP World History (I just took AP Euro this year and regret not taking it this year!)
AP Biology (this might be the tough one)
AP Psych
And is AP World History overkill? I really like history though, so I'm not sure. I'd rather do that than Bio too, and it's more related to my major. </p>

<p>Along with the following classes at school:
AP Calc AB
AP Physics B
AP US History
AP Lang</p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>

<p>it depends on how smart you are, duh.</p>

<p>^no, it depends on how much time you have. World history and bio are both broad topics, just look at the size of the prep books.</p>

<p>World is tough to self study.</p>

<p>I took the World History test and the prep book did help to review but the class was simply invaluable. If you can you may want to get a textbook and read through it at a steady pace. Obviously you won't remember everything but even the little details may pull through and make the difference between an essay you do know and one you do not. Also, my textbook has primary sources from people living in that time period which did help me immensely on the AP test. </p>

<p>World is definitely manageable, and since you took AP Euro you have the gist of the essays. You WILL need a lot of time, it is not a test you can cram for the day before and pass.</p>

<p>AP Psych and Bio will be a breeze if you legitimately dedicate yourself to thoroughly knowing the material in a review book (perhaps with some supplementation from textbooks). They are 98% memorization of vocabulary and basic concepts. Nothing too abstract.</p>

<p>AP Calc AB- pretty easy. I took that this year, did minimal work compared to some other APs. I didn't put much more time into it compared to my previous non-AP math courses, and the exam was pretty easy.
AP Physics B- I've heard this is hard. I know people that do 3-4 hours of HW a night for it, and heard the exam was difficult this year.
AP US History- we had a decent amount of homework for this, but I loved the class. One of the best I've taken, but we also had a good/interesting teacher who was able to get most people interested in it even if they weren't before.
AP Bio- memorization. I haven't taken it, but that's what I've heard.
AP Psych- just straight memorization. I did this as a self-study course this year, and it was very easy. I recommend the 5 Steps to a 5 prep book or Barron's.</p>