Is this a good academic appeal letter?

<p>My name is _____ in the class of 2014 and my id is ___<strong><em>. I am appealing the decision of Dean Sarver which dismisses me from the university in the letter dated December 26th, 2011. In my first semester, I failed to be in good academic standing. I failed to recognize the concept of how to be a good college student in my first semester. I was accepted into the Physical Therapy program here which ended up not being my strength. Since the first semester, my Grade Point Average has risen up significantly over the past two semesters and is on my way to good Academic standing. My cumulative Grade Point Average at _</em></strong>_ University is a 1.992. </p>

<p>During the first semester, I was on my max dosage of medication of Lamictal for my epilepsy. One of the main side effects of Lamictal is tiredness which is worst when the medication is at mass dosage. A roommate affair kept me from being able to focus on my studies. We were to the point that we could not be in the room at the same time and meetings on that had me focused on the whole situation. That semester, I ended up failing Concepts of Biology I. When I went to withdraw, my advisor told me to stick with it but it ended up not working out. Also, I was sick during finals week throwing up multiple times a day. I was at the Health Center and was only given ibuprofen which made me drowsy all day. </p>

<p>In my second semester here, I concluded with a 2.44 grade point average. I learned how to be a student and focus strictly on my books. I also volunteered in the community by working The Big Event fixing up the ____ Park down town. I also helped the Red Cross at the blood drive they had. I also participated on the _____ football team. </p>

<p>This semester, I finished with a 2.54 grade point average. I did not allow myself to log onto any website Monday thru Friday. I spent all my week studying for classes. My total Grade Point Average is a 1.992. That can be equivalent to one question wrong on an exam.
I starting to come down on my medicine which makes me more energized when I wake up in the morning. Unfortunately, while coming off the medication, I am not allowed to operate motor vehicles. If I am not reinstated, I have no way to get to any County College around me to pursue in higher education. </p>

<p>I have attached a four year plan which has my graduating in the standard four years. I am pursuing in a major in Economics and a minor in Statistics. Some classes will be done in the Summer semesters which will take workload off of me in the year. I plan on retaking Concepts Biology I in the fall 2012 semester which will fix my Grade Point Average to where it should be. With the hard work I have been doing these past two semesters, I will not fall behind on my studies again. I was able to pick my roommates this semester and we get along great. I didn’t know my first roommate before we started living with each other. </p>

<p>I enjoy ____ University very much and it would mean a lot to me to graduate with a degree from your institution. I participate in all of the intramurals and go to other ____ functions such as the Wednesday Night Movie in the Kuhr. My Grade Point Average is rising each semester. Don’t let my Grade Point Average tell you that I am a bad student. I am a good student who had a very, very bad first semester of college. I hope you will give me a second chance to prove myself. </p>

I have documents from my neurologist, school health center, a meeting conformation with my head res life director. What am I missing from this? and you think they will accept it? I am practically one exam question from having a 2.0 and it was all first semester</p>

<p>You will want to check it over for grammar. I saw several mistakes, so you want to make sure it reads very well.</p>

<p>It looks like you have a plan. What do your advisers tell you?</p>

<p>Definitely talk to the academic advising department about this letter. If they can also send something supporting your position, it would be helpful.</p>

<p>"A roommate affair kept me from being able to focus on my studies. We were to the point that we could not be in the room at the same time and meetings on that had me focused on the whole situation."</p>

<p>I would omit the room-mate saga. Serious health issues are understandable. So is over-extending yourself in your first semester as a freshman, like sticking with a class you probably should have dropped or taken pass/fail. Room-mate issues raise questions about maturity. Stick to the health issues.</p>

<p>And I agree with Antarius about getting somone in academic advising to support your request by having some face-to-face meetings with them ahead of time.</p>

<p>I agree about the roommate part being taken out. The rest is something that can be legitimately proven by the letters you mentioned having from your doctor.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I agree with M's Mom. They can't really dispute health issues that much but the roommate situation - as justified as you may be, since I don't know what really happened - may make you look immature in their eyes.</p>