Is this a good electrical engineering school?

DS has 3.7 GPA but needs to improve SAT. Trying to make a realistic list of schools.

@2019boston Grove City’s engineering programs are ABET-accredited, so they are reputable. Grove City is a conservative non-denominational Christian school with a requirement of chapel 16 times a semester. As with any small school, a student should visit (preferably when school is in session) to assess whether he/she is comfortable with the vibe. Grove City has tried harder than most private schools to hold the line on cost of attendance. If Grove City’s religious bent isn’t acceptable, you might want to check out York College of Pennsylvania, a secular private school with engineering and reasonable costs.

What is her current SAT? What is affordable to your family? What is your home state?

thank you @kidzncatz he will not want to do the required chapel times. Off list