Is this a good enough upward trend for selective schools?

3.4 UW → 3.7 UW → 4.0 UW
3.4 W → 3.9 W → 4.43 W

3 Bs Freshman, 3 Bs Sophomore year (Semester 1)

Midyear Report Predicted 4.0

10 AP Classes, 5 Honors

W: 4.01
UW: 3.75
SAT: 1560

The most selective schools are very selective for all, even those with perfect test scores and GPAs. However, many (most?) of the admitted students do not have perfect test scores and GPAs. When there’s variation in a GPA, colleges definitely want to see an upward trend, so that’s in your favor. With a compelling and coherent application (leadership, extracurriculars, honors, etc) you would certainly stand a chance of admittance.

That being said, however, ALL students should create a balanced list of schools, including schools where they are guaranteed or extremely likely to be admitted. No T50 school is an extremely likely admit for anyone (unless, perhaps, they have received a likely letter from the institution). In fact, most of the T50 are UNLIKELY acceptances for ALL students. Keep that in mind with respect to the proportion of the “selective” universities you choose to add to your college application list.


This bears repeating.

The profile for the average rejected student will be the same as the profile of the average selected student. Not only will you be a bit below that at the most selective schools, even with trend noted, most students with even better records will be rejected as was emphasised below.


You might want to read some of the recent threads here to get a handle on how things are. Reaches are reaches for everyone, even kids with perfect scores. There just aren’t enough spots at the most popular “top” schools. Be sure to make a balanced list and be sure that it is affordable.

Congrats on your upward swing!