Is this a good essay topic?

<p>I've been thinking about what to write about, and I know that it's supposed to be something that sets you apart from other people.
I used to be overweight and terribly unhealthy. I was insecure and uncomfortable in my own skin. One day, I decided that hating my body wouldn't make me healthier, so I made a promise to myself to lose weight. I started eating healthier and working out. I began my weight loss regimen about a year ago, and I have lost 60 pounds. I've turned my life around, I've become more confident, and I've proved to myself that hard work can lead to success.
However, is this topic "lame" or does it have potential? My weight loss is something I'm proud of, but is it essay material?
Thanks -- any input is appreciated!</p>

<p>That's a great accomplishment and you should be proud! But this essay topic sounds like an infomercial. It doesn't reflect academic potential which is the main thing colleges are looking for. Try and come up with more topics! Best of luck!</p>

<p>So the essay should connect to academics somehow?</p>

<p>It has potential. Congratulations!</p>

<p>Does it have potential? Absolutely, as do most essay ideas--or any ideas, really--before they materialize.</p>

<p>Your greatest risk, IMO, is writing more about your diligence than your more unique personal qualities. Top schools will see a great many "diligent, hard working" applicants in a given admissions pool, and you have to prove that these are not your only personal attributes. If you're planning on writing an essay that ends with
I've proved to myself that hard work can lead to success

, I might think again.</p>

<p>glassesarechic: Hahah, I just threw that sentence together real quick. I knew it sounded corny but I was hoping no one would notice. :p However, I'm not really sure what other qualities of mine I could use to relate to my topic idea.</p>