Is this a good essay topic?

<p>So I looked over the Common Application's essay topics. I'm probably just gonna end up writing my own essay. Problem is, it's been hard to find inspiration. For a while some people told me to about something meaningful. But that struck me as kinda cliche. Others have said that I should write something intersting, unusual, funny, etc, but it still has to show the admissions officer an aspect of who I am. </p>

<p>Well I ended up writing two essays today. The first had a topic that I thought was good, but I didn't develop it well and it was kind of all over the place. I wanted to start it by saying how I dislike it when people say, "Lol." It went on to describe how technology is spurning poor communication and grammar skills in teenagers, hence "Lol." This one was 500 words. Should I just scrap this essay? Since it got into technology, I'm thinking it may have seemed to serious for a college essay, which is supposed to be personal right?</p>

<p>The other one that I wrote I thought was prettty well done. However, it was 750 words or so. I wrote about my bedroom by mentioning different items in my room, like a chair, a bookcase, etc and how they struck up a particular memory or general idea or cute ancedote. And I also kind of implied how I'm changing. Like with the bookcase, I said there were old books there like Dr. Seuss, but now it's filling up with high school yearbooks. I don't think the topic is TOO cliche. It's not the boring travel story or a list of my accomplishments, but I hope it gives insight into who I am. </p>

<p>Thoughts? Anyone want to read it?</p>

<p>Well, the first one doesn't really set you apart from other applicants. Although your topic's pretty unique, others with a similar topic would most likely express the same views as you do, making your application less original. My suggestion would be to pick a topic that's centered more on things in your life than occurences in society. So, yeah, I'd strongly recommend you to improve the 2nd topic if it seems a bit cliche. In your essay, talk about something in your bedroom that makes yourself unique.</p>

<p>you have you have to make it funny. they want to laugh since they read thousands</p>