Is This A Good Freshmen College Class Schedule?

<p>So i just registered for my college classes for freshmen year and I am wondering if i made a mistake.
On MON/WED/FRI, I have: Math:10-1050, Art: 11-1150, History:12-1250, and English:1-215
So I only have 1 class (Math:10-1050) on Tuesday and NO CLASS on Thursday. Did I make a mistake by having Back to Back to Back to Back classes on Mon/Wed/Fri. I figure I will eat before 10 and then eat again at 230. So for those who have been to college, is this good or bad? I figure i will have all day to study on Tuesday and Thursday plus the weekend. Also, I will be attending California State University Fullerton. Thanks!</p>

<p>You will be fried with four in a row. I am surprised that an advisor let you have that schedule. I would switch one class to T/Th, preferably history. Then you will have math where you have to pay attention, art that might be more interactive if it isn't a lecture, a break and then English where you will need to pay attention.</p>

<p>It is much more difficult in college than it was in high school. The break also would give you the chance to run to the library and print something for English class or time to get a snack or something to drink.</p>

<p>Unless you are extremely motivated, breaking it up a little will work better. Also, your college teachers have no idea what is going on in your other classes. What if all four schedule tests the same day?</p>