Is this a good personal statement topic?

I am planning to write about steamy showers are the best invention ever made. I was going to incorporate how I used to hate taking showers, but after maturing I can’t live without them. I actually had trichotollomania (hair-pulling disorder) for about 8 years. It was an unhealthy way of coping with my stress / anxiety. Showers are my new and healthier coping method of stress and anxiety. I was also thinking of adding a little humor saying talking about my parents’ water bill going up and my dad not having any hot water the next day.

What do you think ??? Please give me feedback.

As presented, this topic might do more harm than good.

Revealing a stress related psychological disorder that involved self-harm may not be viewed in a positive manner.


Not a good topic.

What are some of the attributes that colleges on your list most value? Think of something about you that demonstrates one of those attributes and write about it.

Why would a college be excited to have someone on campus, whose major attribute is that they like to take long showers?

It’s a good idea to figure out what the college wants, and then give it to them. Generally, I would think colleges want to admit interesting and interested people, kind people, impressive people, responsible, hardworking people, engaged people. Pick a topic that shows you are one of these (or similar) things.

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