Is this a good strategy for the essay?

Is it a good idea to rebut two perspectives (with evidence and examples of course) and then support one perspective?

Sorry, I meant the ACT essay

It seems like a good idea. Don’t spend too much time on the essay, since it does not impact your composite.

I have gotten a 12 on the essay in each section twice. I would suggest a couple things: take two minutes to come up with your OWN perspective. It’s helpful to read the ones provided by the ACT, but the readers have to read hundreds of the same exact essay. Anything new will make them open their eyes. Definitely, spend a couple sentences refuting another claim, but in my experience just refute an opposing view instead of refuting two different perspectives. May I also suggest using a bucket load of examples. My whole essay was just a huge slew of examples. And guess what, they were all made up. I find that a lot of essays could call for some historical examples, but making up unique personal anecdotes is what allowed me to go from a 10 to a 12. When you read the prompt think to yourself, what would be the most interesting and relevant way to prove my point. When I took the last ACT the question was like how beneficial is positive reinforcement or something. I went on and on about how getting a gold star for reading books in 1st grade allowed me to become who I was, opened up my entire world to enchanted kingdoms etc. etc. just make it up!! I made up a whole story about how my friend did an extra credit project for math class and now he is in the Ivory Coast teaching underprivileged kids math. But also the essay literally does not mean anything and the ACT is just a small factor in your larger application. Good luck! Hope my rambling helped in some way.

Thank you so much for the help!