Is this a likely letter?

<p>Hello, I applied to a school called SMU in Texas. I recently received this letter and I am not sure if this is a likely letter or just a regular letter sent out to everyone. Could you please tell me what you think?</p>


<p>Dear *******,</p>

<p>At this critial time in your college search, we wanted you to be certain of our interest in you as a prospective member of SMU's community. While we are aware of the complexity of a college choice that potentially includes a "hometown" location, without the excellence of "hometown" students bring to this community, SMU could not have made such progess in recent years. Yours is a special prespective with special value to us.</p>

<p>Based on that which we have come to know about you, we a are confident you will have many collegiate options. However, we are equally confident that you will find a place here where you would benifit from and contribute to SMU in a matter of ways.</p>

<p>I invite you to contact you SMU admissions counselor for assistance in general or concerning the SMU experience. We look forward to reviewing your application as well as to your potential membership in the SMU class of 2011. Congratulations on your many achievements to date and thank you again for your interest.</p>

<p>SMU and you...a winning combination.</p>

Ron W. Moss</p>

<h2>Dean of Undergrad Amissions</h2>

<p>It is a general letter sent to everyone automatically on their (SMU's) list.</p>