Is This a Realistic Expectation?

<p>Hi. I'm a sophomore in high score, and I got a 181 on my PSAT. Today, I took College Board's practice SAT on the website and scored a 1880. Both of these were taken without any studying at all. Considering I have about a year of preparation, give or take, could I reach my goal?</p>

<p>Current Practice SAT Score: 1880
Reading: 630
Writing: 640
Math: 610</p>

<p>Goal SAT Score: 2050</p>

<p>I would say that goal score is much too low...</p>

<p>1880 is a fantastic score to start out with, especially for a sophomore. My first ever diagnostic (without studying) full SAT test, I scored a 1730. To be honest, I'm not that smart. Especially compared to some of the kids on here. But with just a month or two of taking more practice tests, I raised my score to a 1930....200 point increase. You are in a great position. With over a year of practice ahead, I'd say to shoot for a 2200. This might seem like an unreachable goal at first but so did a 2000 to me, and like I said I was able to raise my score 200 points in just a couple months and now I'm scoring high 1900's to low 2000's on all my practice tests.</p>

<p>Wow. That's incredible news. My dream has always been to go to Stanford (I know, huge goal), but I never thought an 1880 as a starting point could get me there. I was expecting a 50 point increase by this time next year, maybe 80 or so by studying like mad. 220 points would be absolutely amazing. Thank you!</p>

<p>Before, I was scoring the same score as you. However, after three months of training, I managed to score a 2100 on the real test in the beginning of my junior year. So yes, its definitely possible to raise your score.</p>

<p>Possible. I did it in like 6 months and it wasn't even hardcore studying. Good job [:</p>

<p>Your score is much more than possible, it's almost guaranteed if you do a little bit of studying...</p>

<p>So if I were you, I would set my goal at 2200-2300, because it's definitely possible</p>

<p>With this result and 2 months constant training you might even achieve 2300-2350.</p>

<p>i agree with everyone else, especially because you're only in 10th.</p>

<p>I started studying summer between 10th and 11th and my scores started in the 2000's, after just a few practice tests they went to the 2100s. I didn't study intensely until school started again and in december when I took the exam I got 2370 </p>

<p>Studying goes a long way (:</p>

<p>Thanks for all the responses. I never would have believed I could score so high. Thanks!</p>