Is this a reasonable EC?

<p>Family Responsibilities:</p>

<p>Position held: House Custodian</p>

<p>Grades: 9 10 11 12 (intend to continue currently labeled as 'yes', but should probably be 'no'.)
30hrs/wk 52wks/yr</p>

<p>Description: Since Grandfather's death in 2006, I was tasked with staying alone due to Mother's work schedule.</p>

I'm homeschooled and my mom is a single parent, so it is true that I've had to be home a lot more than most people are..</p>

<p>I'm just wondering if something like this is really relevant.</p>


<p>How many people are in the household?</p>

<p>Just my mom and me.</p>

<p>I was/am usually home alone.</p>

<p>If you're just home alone (not having to watch over siblings etc) then I don't think I'd bother mentioning it. Plenty of kids spend a lot of time at home alone because parents are working - heck, I think almost all of my classmates and I are in the same boat on that one.</p>

<p>Ah, I see.</p>

<p>I was pretty shaky on it, but that clears it up.</p>


<p>Glad I could help - and good luck on the rest of your applications! :)</p>