Is this a red flag essay subject?

So I’ve had a high achieving background, but starting sophomore year, I faced some personal issues that caused a sharp drop in my GPA. Not terrible, but not enough compared to many students. Turns out, I’ve been (legitimately lmao) diagnosed with OCD, and it never got bad enough for me to notice until I got stuck in quarantine. On top of that, I’ve been working two jobs to support my family and trying to afford therapy. If I can turn the story around to where I’ve overcome it, would it be appropriate to write about?

Oh actually correction** it was quite bad then, but it became unbearably insufferable recently.

I would not write about it.

The better topic is to write an essay illustrating your personality in light of you working two jobs to support your family. If you don’t want to write about that, please be sure your guidance counselor mentions it in his or her recommendation.

Mental health issues are not a selling point to colleges. They know that people have a hard time overcoming them. It’s not a good topic, sorry. It’s admirable that you are trying to cope and get yourself some help. I wish you luck.

@Eeyore123 Thank you for your honest response!

@Lindagaf Thank you for taking the time to respond and elaborate. I wasn’t too clear with my post, but yes, I intend to write about it in the manner you suggested. I appreciate your honesty!

I would talk to your counselor about your letter of recommendation. I had a similar situation freshman year, and it resulted in my worst GPA out of every semester of high school. It would be more beneficial if your counselor talked a little bit about your situation and how you’ve grown from it in their LOC. Your essay should outline some of your defining characteristics that will make you a contributing member to the university. You could possibly turn your jobs into a great narrative, like @Lindagaf said.

@riverandsasha3 I’m glad to receive advice from someone who can relate. I hope that you’re doing better now, and thank you sincerely for your reply! :slight_smile: