Is this a unique extracurricular for Ivy League Colleges

Something I really like is transportation systems. It started with wooden trainsets, evolved into SimCity 4, and now I make videos depicting a particular transportation bottleneck somewhere in America. For example, I may design a new interchange, lay out the way for a new high speed rail line, or even reduce congestion on existing roads by adding brand new railway lines. This is done virtually through Google Earth, but is getting a lot of attention. For example, the US High Speed Rail Association recognized my videos.

Always do something because you like it! Do not do something just to say it!

GPA : 4.00 SAT: 2250
I got state category award in science fair as well
I have also been in varsity jazz band since 9th grade as trombone

Speaking as a student, I think that your project sounds really interesting. I can only imagine that it would stand out as being unique to almost any college admissions person…

Well, it’s unique all right.
Whether it’s something a school will care about, that’s hard to say.

It’s a competitive pool for any college, especially Ivy Leagues. However, I do think your project is very interesting and unique! Only time will tell since thousands of people are involved in different E.Cs. Best of luck to you! I think you have a great shot. :slight_smile:

It is unique enough that none of us have any idea how the admissions offices will respond to it :stuck_out_tongue:
Though what major are you aiming for with that?

That’s mighty interesting. Like others have said, don’t know whether the schools will like it or not. Maybe if someone is a train enthusiast!

i think youre in for an auto-admit for havard. jk, idk. it seems… different. i think its definitely a plus because you have a nice hobby.

@albert69‌ why did u choose the number 69?


1969, year of the first moon landing.