Is this acceptance a mistake?

Hi all!

Ecstatic to announce that I got into Sonoma State University!! Visited in October & the campus was beautiful. Might end up attending based on other acceptances that will come in later.
I applied RD on Nov. 28th so is this a mistake? I only submitted the application 5 days ago… it seems a little too early for an acceptance… Please let me know :slight_smile:


No mistake several CSU’s will admit very quickly if you exceed a specific admission threshold. My niece heard early last year also. Congratulations and a good option.

You might also want to list your academic credentials for current and future applicants.


Some universities wait and send out their acceptances all at the same time. Some others will accept students on a “rolling admissions” basis. Some of these will first accept students who are clearly going to be admitted. Then students who are closer to the cut off will in some cases hear later.

Also, sometimes how quickly you get accepted will depend upon how busy someone just happens to be in the admissions office.

The quickest that either daughter got an acceptance was longer than 5 days, but only by a day or two. We did get one acceptance in about a week. In our case it was not where she ended up going, but having one acceptance quickly from a good university did reduce the stress of waiting for the other universities to respond.

In our case, it was from a university in a reasonable location, but not quite as beautiful as Sonoma Valley! Congratulations. Now you can sit back and see where else you get accepted to.


Schools that do not have essays or supplemental questions can be very fast. Some like Iowa State can be same day as well.

@Gumbymom thanks so much!! feels good to at least have been accepted into one school:)

@DadTwoGirls awesome! thanks a lot for letting me know & for the good wishes:)

@raj_125 thank you so much for letting me know!!

My Stats (not all that good actually, just so you know that you don’t need perfect scores to get into a college you love!

on my hs transcript
unweighted gpa: 3.656
weighted gpa: 3.81

csu calculated gpa: 4.06
sat (didn’t submit): 1390
ap score: ap Spanish Language (5)
ap classes: ap Spanish Language, ap Spanish Literature, ap music theory

let me know if you have any questions!! (oh and btw, you can do it. i believe in you!! <3)


Another question – I just dropped a class from my 2nd semester schedule today, and replaced it with being a TA for a Spanish teacher. Do you know approx when I will receive my Student ID for the UC campuses (I only received my application ID) so that I can fill out the Academic Update Form? I filled out UCR’s since it only needed some personal info, but the other 5 UC’s that I applied to haven’t informed me about my ID.
In addition, is there a form I can fill out to update my class info for CSU’s?
Thanks so much for your help!! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention – Major is undeclared!!

If you applied to one of the non-impacted majors listed at , it looks like you will be admitted at “the SSU minimum criteria”.

Impacted Undergraduate Majors and Universities, 2023-24 | CSU says that SSU is not impacted at the campus level for frosh, so “the SSU minimum criteria” for non-impacted majors is the CSU baseline qualification (a-g course work with a 2.5 recalculated HS GPA for California residents).

So since the stated admission requirement at SSU says that you are to be admitted, they went ahead and admitted you now instead of waiting. may be what you need for SSU. You can also check the Cal State Apply web site to see if you can update the planned and in-progress courses.

2 of the UC campuses will not accept academic updates: UCSB and UCB.

Here is the UC information below:
If there are changes to your academic record after you submit your application, you might need to notify the campuses to which you’ve applied.

  • If you change schools or add or drop a course after you submit your application, you should notify all the campuses you applied to except for UC Berkeley or UC Santa Barbara.

  • If you failed to earn a C or better in a course after you submit your application, you should notify all the campuses you applied to except for UC Berkeley.

  • If you receive an offer of admission, be sure to confirm with the campus admission office that they are aware of any deficient grades or schedule changes.

Keep in mind: We cannot guarantee that a campus can go back to review an application after correspondence has been received. Make sure to save a copy of your correspondence just in case.

Campus instructions & websites for reporting changes:

  • Berkeley will not accept post-submission updates. Any updates that are sent will not be considered in the application reading process.
  • Davis
  • Irvine
  • Merced - click on “myCourseUpdate” link
  • UCLA
  • Riverside
  • San Diego - Updates accepted starting in mid-December. Please wait until you receive your Applicant Portal login instructions.
  • Santa Barbara will not accept post-submission updates. Any updates that are sent to our office will not be considered in the application reading process.
  • Santa Cruz

For the CSU’s, you would need to email each campus with the information of dropping the class.

BTW, look into/apply for Hutchins! It’s a terrific program for students interested in many subjects, with smaller, more interactive classes. :slight_smile:

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Just looked into the program – may change my major into Liberal studies General if I do decide to go to SSU. Thanks so much for the advice!!

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