Is this advisable?

<p>I've had a rocky start my first semester of freshman year (A-, A-, B+, and a W). Luckily, I've taken three community college courses during high school (3 A's). I've doing very well this semester, but I was wondering if taking community college courses during the summer would be advisable. I'm not taking them as GPA boosters. I'm taking classes that I'm interested in becaused I won't be able to take at my school due to scheduling restraints. I'm just worried that an adcom will assume that I took these courses to boost my GPA. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>Correct me if I'm wrong, but transfer credits are not included in your GPA calculation anyway.</p>

<p>Transfer credits ARE included in your GPA calculations, and admissions committees probably would worry some that you were just doing these as a booster.</p>

<p>Oh ok, I completely did not know that. Well that works out in my favor anyway, haha.</p>

<p>What about taking summer courses art your school?</p>

<p>GPA calculation for law school differs from your UG GPA calculation. All college level grades are considered for law school, including summer school classes, transfer credits, study abroad etc. though these grades may not be calculated into your college UG GPA.</p>

<p>whoopa- I can't imagine that taking a limited # of summer school credits would have an adverse affect on law school admission, as many kids really do have a legit reason to take classes over the summer.
but I would advise you to check it out with your law school advisor.</p>

<p>As you technically did get college credit while you were in HS, I think those grades too may be calculated into your LSDAS GPA. (but I'm not sure about that)</p>

<p>My school does not show the grade you get from classes if you take it at other community colleges or regular universities. It just lists the number of completed credits. They try to limit you though on how much you can take. Would I be ok with taking 3 electives at a community college? Bio, another science, and maybe a stat class? I'm a business major so these are just some bull requirements. The reason I ask this is I am only staying at my college probably 3 years, and I would like to take more business classes.</p>

<p>I would hardly call A-,A-,B+ a rocky start in college.</p>

<p>While your current school may not show the grades you get from classes you take at other community colleges or universities however, you are responsible for submitting transcripts from any and all colleges where you have taken courses.</p>

<p>I agree with BDM, that admissions committees probably would worry some that you were just doing these as a booster because yes, they are very concerned with your GPA, they also look at the depth and breadth of the courses you take.</p>

<p>If you want a rocky semester, how bout an A-, B-, B and C at midterm? That's actually below a 3.0. Oh yeah, that C at midterm, it's 40% of my grade and the other 60% is the final. I can get that econ grade up to an A- I think (because homework is actually counted) and I think I can get that B up to an A- and that A should be able to get up to an A, but I need a 100 on the final in that last class to get an A- in it. I'm depressed.</p>

<p>For the record, the last time I got a C was, um, physics class in high school.</p>

<p>To compensate for that one class, I have to somehow get an A in everything else. Yeah, I fail at life.</p>