Is this an appropriate topic for Prompt #4?

I was planning on answering the prompt about a problem you’ve solved or would like to solve; I wanted to write about the prevalence of body dysmorphia/poor body image/self-deprecation in our society. It has affected me, so I thought I could discuss how I have managed to overcome it. Is this an inappropriate topic or too personal? I honestly feel as though I could write a very good essay without sounding too “woe-is-me”, but any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!

It’s worth writing up a draft if you’re passionate about it and think you can do a good job of avoiding the pitfalls of an essay like that. Whether or not it’s too inappropriate or personal really depends on what you’re writing about.

Make sure your emphasis is on SOLVING the problem, not surviving it.

It’s not about how you managed to get past an eating disorder, for example-- though if that’s what you mean, I’m sincerely hoping it’s something you’re no longer dealing with.

How will you solve this problem on a societal level? How will you get the message to all those 11 and 12 year olds that their bodies are beautiful? How will you counter the “thinner is better, and thinnest is best” message that they’re getting every time they open a magazine or turn on the TV? What will you do about the middle school “mean girls” who will happily post online that so-and-so is getting “fat”?