Is this any better?

<p>My redo of my essay:</p>

<pre><code>During my high school years I began to realize that my home life was significantly different from that of my peers. The circumstances I endured were the “cherry on top” of preexisting difficulties. However, the setbacks I have faced have been nothing short of an education; they have taught me about myself.
It was 3:30 in the morning and I awoke to the sound of yelling so I carefully peeked out of my bedroom door. I saw my drunk father destroying my mother’s PC. That, however, was only the aftermath of the real destruction that happened that night. My father had tried to strangle my mother while in a drunken rage. Unfortunately this wasn’t the only negative impact my father has had on my life. Growing up with my father has been a constant battle for my self-esteem and self-worth. As a result of his alcoholic and bipolar tendencies, debilitating anxiety arose which made me so unsure of myself that I came to believe I was incapable of succeeding in anything. As the oldest in my family, I was alternately held responsible for the behavior of my siblings and the quality of his marriage. My family as I knew it deteriorated after his attack on my mother. They divorced, but in the process of doing so I was dragged into the middle. Independence became a necessity due to the emotional unavailability of my mother and the lack of any contact with my father.
While the structure in my life dwindled it became clear that my independence would be key to defining my future. The privileged lifestyle I had long become accustomed to would last only as long as my adolescent years. I chose not to be angry but instead redirected my emotions into productivity, responsibility and integrity. In the months after, I isolated myself. I didn’t focus on school or relationships. I became introspective, reflecting on who I was and who I wanted to be. During this time, I reached a mental epiphany. I realized the reasons behind my inability to succeed weren’t because I was untalented or unintelligent, but because I never gave myself a chance to show my talents or intelligence.
I have taken all of the Honors classes my High School has enabled me to take. I have stopped believing the people telling me I can’t do things because all of them have been wrong. My abilities and my academics have only progressed from this experience and I suspect that if given the chance, they will only progress further. I know who I am now and I know what I am capable of. I have an outlook on the world that no one else has which has been strengthened from the experiences and background I possess. I am convinced that if given the tools, I will have the possibility of becoming great.

<p>keep in mind I haven’t corrected things like grammar yet***</p>