Is this bad?

<p>Most of application is above average except for one thing. I am a full candidate for the IB diploma and I may be predicted 5 or 6 for IB HL Math (everything else is 7). Normally, I wouldn't be worried because I know 40 or 41/42 is still a great score but I am applying for Business schools like Wharton and Ross etc.</p>

<p>How bad is a 5 or a 6 in Math HL at business schools (I think it is the equivalent of getting 3 or 4 in Calculus BC)?</p>

<p>IB scores don't matter much to the US colleges</p>

<p>No colleges will NOT accept you based on your IB scores, which already seems good enough for any school.</p>

<p>The fact is that I am international and I do not do APs. It is an IB only school, so the only scores that will be on my junior and senior year transcript will be my IB predicted.</p>

<p>Also, would math awards and 800 on the SAT II Math make up for it?</p>